Part of the group in 2008

A day not knitted is a day not lived

(Variation on the saying 'A day not laughed is a day not lived')

 Happy New Year.
If you're looking for a new hobby, please consider knitting or crochet. It's a satisfying hobby and many knitters and crocheters have mentioned the calming and therapeutic effect they experience whilst creating a piece of work just from needles and a single yarn.

Welcome! Knitting and crochet have long been a forgotten skill. I was taught these crafts when I was a child but it hasn't been part of the school roster for at least thirty years.
Fortunately it has been rediscovered and during the last years many people are (re-)experiencing how pleasant it can be to see a few simple stitches on a needle grow into a nice garment, toy or other piece of handcraft.
If you've not already been gripped by the magic called Knitting or Crochet, I hope this site may inspire you to pick up your needles, be it knitting, crochet or any other stitch craft.

Who are 'Knit & Chat Stocksbridge'?

Knit & Chat Stocksbridge is the name of a group of people who like knitting and crochet. Apart from ‘knitting and chatting’, this group is dedicated to helping other knitters learn more about our craft and doing charity knitting projects.

Everyone is welcome to join in; all you need is enthusiasm, knitting needles or crochet hook and yarn.


Calendar 2013

We meet monthly on the 2nd and 4th Saturday in the Stocksbridge Library  (downstairs) from 10am till noon.

When a month counts five weeks, an extra day might be planned in. Very rare a meeting needs to move to another date. This will be mentioned here or in the What's On section of The Look Local.

12 January
9 February
9 March
13 April
11 May
8 June
13 July
10 August
14 September
12 October
9 November
14 December
26 January
23 February
23 March
27 April
25 May
22 June
27 July
24 August
28 September
26 October
23 November

£1 per meeting

Until now we’ve been allowed to use library space & certain facilities free of charge - a very fortunate situation. However, due to a change in Sheffield City Council policy, in future we will contribute towards hire of workspace, electric, water etc.
The costs per meeting is £1.

The first time you come, you don't have to pay. This is to give you the chance to see if you like Knit & Chat Stocksbridge.

Apart from the aforementioned costs, a few times a year we all pay £1 to top up our coffee-kitty. This money is used for coffee, tea, milk, sugar, occasional copying, stamps, wool etc.