Knit & Chat Stocksbridge came together for the first time on 12 May 2007.

The idea of starting a group like this was germinating already for a couple of years.
In 2005 I attended a knitting group in the centre of Sheffield but after a while I found it difficult to travel the 2 hours or more to be amongst knitting-loving people. That's when the wish came up to find a group closer to home. In that time (and still) many groups were born in Sheffield and elsewhere in Britain, but still the nearest one to me took so long to get to.

So the idea was born to start a group myself. After a long time of thinking and talking about, I thought it was surely worth giving it a try. So I decided on a date and hung posters in shops, the library and advertised in Look Local newspaper.

map library

The library staff who were so kind to provide space, were witness to my nerves on the first day when I thought I would be the very only one sitting there, knitting. To my massive relief and surprise, there were indeed others who liked the idea of a knitting group in this area as well. I still remember the fellow knitters of this first time: Edith & Mary!