Part of the group in 2008

Welcome & Calendar

Welcome! Knitting and crochet have long been a forgotten skill. I was taught these crafts when I was a child but it hasn't been part of the school roster for at least thirty years.
Fortunately it has been rediscovered and during the last years many people are (re-)experiencing how pleasant it can be to see a few simple stitches on a needle grow into a nice garment, toy or other piece of handcraft.
If you've not already been gripped by the magic called Knitting or Crochet, I hope this site may inspire you to pick up your needles, be it knitting, crochet or any other stitch craft.


We meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month
in the Stocksbridge Library
(downstairs and occasionally upstairs)
from 10am till noon.

Sometimes an extra day is planned in, mainly when a month counts five
weeks. These spontaneously planned dates will be mentioned here.

First coming dates for 2009 are:

July 25 July
August 8 and 22
September 12 and 26
October 10 and 24
November 15 and 28
December 12